Kanji Draw

Kanji Draw is a tool created to help you practice your Japanese writing and improve your character memorization skills. Stroke order is essential knowledge and needs to be known and implemented from the very beginning.


Please note that the focus of the application is stroke order rather than stroke accuracy. The tool uses computer generated fonts to help you practice which aren't perfect. You are strongly encouraged to seek out other accompanying resources to investigate character accuracy.

Modifications to your device's density and fonts may affect the proper functioning of this application.

Items of Interest

List View
You will find 3 tabs with listing formats designed to help you quickly choose the character you wish to start working with.

Choosing a character from any of these lists will take you into the Canvas View where your training is done.

Use the List View options to pull up your current statistics.

Change your Study Set in settings and use the Filter & Sorting option to alter you listing.
Canvas View
The Canvas View is reached from the List View where you use your finger to draw strokes.

Current mode, character and stroke are shown in the title area.

Onyomi/kunyomi, English or a compound can be shown above the character.


: Reset button used to start over the current character.

: Go to the next character.

: Draw next stroke. (Practice Mode only)

: Show full character information. (Test Mode only)

: Used to cycle through onyomi/kunyomi, English and compounds. (Phones only)

音読み/訓読み : Used to show onyomi/kunyomi. (Tablets only)

e.g. : Used to show compounds. (Tablets only)

英語 : Used to show English meaning. (Tablets only)

Test Mode
If all the character strokes are completed correctly, the character is marked as correct.

Errors are shown briefly before, depending on user preference, either resetting the screen or continuing to a new character.
Practice Mode
This mode can be entered through pop-up menu in List View or by disabling Test Mode in the settings.

Strokes are shown before your input helping you train and no error checking is performed on your attempts.

Results in Practice Mode do not count towards Statistics.
The results generated from Test Mode are used for calculations of accuracy and score.

Scoring increases are subject to ranking ranges aimed at providing the user with a goal.

Accuracy is also taken into account when randomly selecting new characters. Kanjis that are more challenging to you are shown more frequently to better train you.
You can disable a Kanji through the pop-up menu in List View or via the menu in Canvas View.

Disabling a kanji removes it from the statistics and from possible character rotation.

Change your Study Set in settings to quickly disable multiple kanji and work with a specific level.

The statistics are retained when disabling a kanji.

More Help

Please email us at feedback@lusil.net so we might better help you and use your feedback to assist others.