Kana Draw is a tool created to help you practice your Japanese writing and improve your character memorization skills. As all Japanese language students should know, kana stroke order is essential and needs to be known and implemented from the very beginning.

Please note that the focus of the application is stroke order rather than stroke accuracy. The tool uses computer-generated fonts to help you practice. It is strongly encouraged to use the many great resources on the internet in addition to this tool to investigate character accuracy. For example, you might know that the computer generates き as seemly one continues 3rd stroke that mirrors ち. However, proper calligraphy would have you approach the result of this character differently.

We hope this tool helps you as it helps us. Your suggestions and feedback are not only welcomed but encouraged at feedback[at]lusil.net. With a positive response we look forward to providing the next levels of JLPT and elementary grades.

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List Views

Use the "あ" "ア" tab lists to quickly find the kana you are interested in. As you choose kana your "Recent" tab list will build, making it easier to quickly access the characters you want to focus on the most.

Use the "Detailed" tab list if you want to see the details on all kana found in the application. This list can be quite large and so the performance might be poor on slower handsets. The "あ" "ア" tab list might be your preferred access point.

You have the option to compress your listing views as well as disable kanas that you feel you have mastered.

Tapping the kana will send you to the practice canvas via your default mode. Hold down the list item to be presented with a more extensive list of options.

Your last attempt at the kana is shown beside the computer character to help you determine with which you need more practice. This feature is only available if you have external storage.

Use the settings to change the colour of your drawings.

Screen shot 1

Canvas View / Stroke Assist

Strokes are shown with directional arrows one stroke at a time. This will help you master the order and direction of the stroke.

Interface buttons are found at the top of the Canvas view.

The <Stroke Button> shows the current character and current stroke focus. Use this button to increase the stroke focus. Previous strokes change from arrows to solid lines to show progress.

Use the <Reset Button> at any time to reset the stroke focus and clear the Canvas view.

The <Next Button> will randomly select a new kana for you to try. This will not affect your "Recent" listing.
Screen shot 2

Test and Practice Modes

Work in the Canvas view in either practice or test mode.

Practice mode guides you through the kana showing you the stroke ahead of time. Draw over top this line. When you successfully complete this stroke, the focus will immediately shift to the next stroke.

Test mode forces you to build on memory. Strokes are shown after the fact. Once you complete your stroke, the correct stroke will be shown on top of your work so you may grade your choice and accuracy.

If in test mode, errors are shown briefly before either resetting the screen or continuing to a new kana.

Use the <Reset Button> to clear your work and reset the stroke focus in both modes.

You may even choose to adjust the background characters opacity if you wish to further challenge yourself. Use the <Stroke Button> to identify which character you should be drawing.

Screen shot 3

Goal-Based Progression

In test mode, accuracy is recorded, allowing us to provide you with levels to achieve for each kana.

Gold, Silver and Bronze levels are achievable. While working in canvas mode, if a level is reached a pop-up prompts you of the event.

Disabling a character will not delete their accuracy data. However, disabled kana do not count towards the total statistic calculations.

Accuracy and scoring may be reset via the settings.
Screen shot 4