Voice Flashcards believe it or not has been in the works for years. It was actually started before the 'Draw' series. However due to various complications and lack of good design it was put on hold. There are many great flashcard programs out there to choose from. We understand we may not win over everyone but we hope there are some individuals like ourselves because similar to our other products, the app originated from our own personal interest.

The tool offers to primary goals "offline deck creation via Google Drive" and "speech entry recognition". Ironically both of these services are provided by Google at their core. In addition to these big features is our proprietary delivery system that will ensure a good balance between tests you get correct and ones you don't.

We hope this tool helps you as it helps us. Your suggestions and feedback are not only welcomed but encouraged at feedback[at]lusil.net.

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Test Memorization and Pronunciation

The main flashcard interface has a few different options for your to interact with.

The primary of which is the center button that launches Google's voice recognition feature. The results of this feature are then compared against your flashcard for correctness.

This feature is generally Network dependent with the exception of some devices and Android versions that can configure offline usage.

The flashcard interface also has options for keyboard entry, and good old fashion marking of right or wrong.
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All Languages Android Supports

Google supports many languages for input.

We have created some example decks in some of the more widely used languages of the world. However, this is not the complete list.

The example sheet will give you a better idea of all the languages listed or see the 'Test Word Recognition' tool in Settings.

Screen shot 2

Goal-Based Progression

Similar to other lusil apps, accuracy is recorded, allowing us to provide you with levels to achieve for each deck.

Gold, Silver and Bronze levels are achievable.

Accuracy and scoring may be reset via simply deleting and re downloading the deck.
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Build Your Own Decks

It is highly recommended that you build your own decks via Google Sheets from your Google Drive.

This way your flashcards can be as complex or simple as you want. As a language enthiusiast you probably know that languages don't always translate phrases literally so it is best you write your hints and entries in a way you will study best from.

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